Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nippin' it in the bud

A while ago, I finally broke down and shared my "condition" with you trusty readers. It's flared up a few times since then, but I bought something that really has been a help.

My new friend:

Of course, it's not really a surprise this works. It was recommended to me a while ago, and then recommended again as part of an ointment that I could concoct on my own.

I suppose the biggest problem I had was actually remembering to buy some of this stuff. I'd just forget when I was at the store, and then when I'd go running I'd remember what I'd forgotten, and the pain would make sure that memory would last.

But no more. So far, this has helped. I know it works too because I feel the pain, but it's distant. Instead of the pain screaming into my ear, it's just some random noise in the background. I can pick it out from the crowd but it's not prominent.

In the coming year I'll log plenty of miles on the streets, in the gym, maybe some on the track, and my buddy will be there protecting me from the evil nipple pain.


Ange said...

Isn't there a men's running bra yet?
Surely they could macho it up. Make it look like a double holster or something.

Can't see a vat of Vaseline without flashbacking to the early 80s, when my dad had one of those by my parents' bed.
You think he used it for sore nipples?
(Do not answer that.)

thrasherswife said...

These "condition" post crack me up every time their posted. Not a laughing matter for you, I understand, but....

ChristineM said...

Glad you've found something that's helping!

Ever see the movie "Drop Dead Gorgeous"? (Spoof of teenage beauty pagents) If so, the quote "I've got a little secret weapon of my own!" should ring a bell! ;)