Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bump in the road

I haven't been able to update my running progress mostly because there's been no progress. I had wanted to get in some solid runs last week, three midweek runs along with a 10-mile jaunt on Sunday, but that didn't happen.

Life got in the way.

First, Sunday was quickly ruled out so I switched the run to Saturday. I felt good all day Friday, felt like I was going to be able to conquer the distance again. But on Friday night, I had one of those painful calf cramps that come from out of nowhere. I was sitting in my office chair, right here in front of the computer, doing nothing in particular when all of the sudden...


My calf screamed over and over again. It was about 15 seconds of torture, agony. May have been longer, but I'm just guessing. It seemed like a few minutes but I know I would have screamed or something if it had gone that long. I had to grit my teeth to stop myself from screaming and waking up the whole house in the process.

The calf pain was present on Saturday and I erred on the side of caution. I felt that if I were to push myself through, I might have done more harm than good. By Sunday, the pain was gone, but so was my chance to run 10 miles.

This week, I have a 13-mile run scheduled. I haven't yet but I need to check my original training plan to see if I should go through with it or if I should run 10 miles. For now, I'm planning on 13 but we'll see what The Book says.


Gracey said...

I left you an award at my blog, come and check it out if you want! :)

Willoughby said...

I know you've already got the "Honest Scrap" award, but I'm giving it to you again!

Crystal said...

10 exhausted just talking about it!