Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Willoughby's Challenge

I finally had the time to take This Stop Willoughby's challenge to unearth some informative and entertaining blogs out there. It really didn't take long to find a pretty good one.

This blog I found is called Working It Out. The blog author is in her 40s and has set a goal of competing in a half-Ironman challenge later this year. From what I can tell, she participates in quite a lot of races. On Sunday, she ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando. I wonder if they would have let me run in that, given that I'm not a Princess. Perhaps the competing males were dubbed Princes.

Anyway, the author (K-Dub) has her personal bests on her blog. Her 10K best is about 50 seconds faster than mine and her Half-Marathon best is under two hours - my goal is to finish mine under two hours... well, it's to finish and if I can get under two hours, that would be great.

As far as the Ironman challenge, I have a great deal of respect for athletes who train for and compete in this. The Ironman combines swimming, cycling and running. I can't compete in one because I can't swim, never learned. But even if I knew how, an Ironman seems like a monstrous challenge. Swimming, cycling and then running? I actually thought about competing in a Duathlon, which would have consisted of cycling and running - a 5K run, 30K bike ride and 5K run - but I'm going to wait until later to start cycling, much later. I'm having fun just running right now.

Yeah, well, the blog author also is an accomplished runner. She competed in not one but two half-marathons. Last year. Last November, actually. Two half-marathons in one month. Wow. I'm hoping to be able to run two half-marathons in one year, can't imagine running two in a month. But she's showing me that it is possible... not that I'm going to go out and run two in a month anytime soon. Still, that might be an option. The Disneyland Half-Marathon and the Camp Pendleton Half-Marathon are both in September of this year, so if she can do it, perhaps then I can too.

Wait, what am I saying? Two half marathons in one month for me? Aw man, I don't know about that. Yeah, thanks a lot K-Dub.

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Willoughby said...

I'm so glad you accepted the challenge, I hope you enjoyed it. I checked out the blog you recommended. She makes me feel like a slacker!!