Monday, March 16, 2009

Motivational Mondays (March 16)

There are fewer things that I take pleasure in than proving people wrong.

I don't know why, don't know if it's because I like to show people the error in their ways or if I like to play the role of the underdog but I enjoy making people think twice about me.

I'm fat? Oh okay, let me lose 120 pounds and I'll show you how fat I am.

I can't run? Alright, get back to me after I knock out this upcoming half marathon.

I'm a male so I'm supposed to have a 9-to-5 job? Okay, let me back to raising my daughters while maintaining a career at home.

I go against the grain. I march to a beat only I hear. People want to try and paint me a certain way, well, I've learned that if I let them, they win. If I live down to others' expectations, I won't achieve.

I let you in on some things last week about my image and past, and while the naysayers have left a permanent mark on me, I've worked hard on minimizing the long-term effects. Often, when I need some extra motivation, I turn to those types of thoughts, let them burn inside me and release the energy in the form of running or another form of exercise, or simply as mental fuel and the ability to make the right choice about nutrition or something else.

Now, you might say 'Who are these random 'people?' Is it society in general? Your fan club?' Truth be told, I do have a fan club. Really. It's actually a "fan" club, because people out there hate me. I'm not lying, they do.

Check this out. Scroll down to the bottom three lines or so and my name will jump out at you. And I did take the time to reply, I must say.

It's not just this guy who is a "fan." My "fans" are many. I'd love to post some other stuff but I won't get into it here. I'm sure you could do some digging and find some of my other fans, as they're bountiful.

It's those random haters as well as those who shaped my mental image who fuel me, motivate me to prove them all wrong.

I do my best when I'm facing a challenge that is sure to get the best of me, whether it's physical (running long distances), mental (the ability to eat a salad while everyone else around me is eating hamburgers) or family matters (anyone who has stayed at home with children can attest to this last one).

So let the critics have their say. Let the hatred flow. It'll just make my success that much sweeter.


Willoughby said...

If only you could bottle that motivation, Luis, you'd have people standing in line to buy it!

Raoulysgirl said...

Shame on you for being a literate, educated, well-spoken, good looking, child rearing, accomplished, motivated hispanic male! Really...this type of shit (yes, I said shit) absolutely disgusts me. Since you can't say it anymore (according to him) let me say it for you...Mexico is better than the US (in soccer, I have no idea...but I DO know my preference in men!). What a jackass! Alguien tiene que poner él en la cajones ... para mantenerlo de procrear.

Gracey said...

Turning the negative feelings into motivation - it's easier said than done, but you seem to have mastered it, Luis! I admire you for that. Me, I let everyone and everything get to me... :(

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I'm very proud of you for making your own rules in life, it takes a lot of courage and self-awareness. You know that you can't rely on other people to define who you are.