Monday, March 23, 2009

The "Write" Stuff Award

Recently, I was given a blog award by blog buddy The 5th Sister. I was very touched to think that I had an impact on her life. Of course, she put in all the work herself, dug deep and found her motivation and desire and I'm happy to have been a part of it.

She handed me The "Write" Stuff Award for having influenced her blogging endeavors, and in turn I must award it to one other blog.

I reflected on it and have decided on a blog that I feel is worthy of the award.

Now, before I start, I must say that I've been blogging since December 2006. However, I only started blogging in this particular forum (muddy runner) since early last year. I started it to keep track of my Mud Run progress and to organize my thoughts. I blogged for nearly three months or so before I threw in the towel. I had all of one regular reader (my brother) and it wasn't too much fun pouring your heart and soul into something only to have one reader.

But after a few months, I decided to resurrect my blog. I was influenced by a fellow blog buddy.

Thus, I give the award to Mrs. Williams over at The Ordinary Housewife.

Now, I must say some of her topics I had little interest in. I'm not into fashion and such, for instance. But I enjoyed reading about it nonetheless. I found her different things interesting, such as her Wordless Wednesdays. I thought that was a cool feature while it lasted. Her recipes were delectable and I tried at least one (syrup, I liked it a lot, my girls... not really). And of course the things she posted about her boys were also quite interesting.

I was in awe too. She had something like 50 followers! Amazing! And she drew in a good amount of readers. My other blog at the time was still going strong (I since shut it down and started a different one) but that's kind of work-related, a niche-type blog. This was personal stuff she was blogging, every day stuff, and she was able to draw in people because her stuff was interesting, not because it appealed to a narrow audience.

So all that together helped me decide to re-inject some life into this blog. And I've been wasting time on here ever since! She took a break from blogging but has returned to blogging, and her massive audience is likely happy about that.

Anyway, here is her award:

Here are the rules of the award.

1. Determine what ONE blog has had the most influence on you and your decision to begin your own blogging endeavors.
2. Post about this blog on your site, along with a copy of this award.
3. Let the honoree know of their award by commenting on his/her blog.
4. You may only give out this award ONCE and to only ONE recipient.
5. A particularly influential recipient, may, however, receive the award more than once.
6. The recipient is to acknowledge the award in a brief post on their blog.

Anyway, thanks Mrs. W! This blog has been great for me and I've since expanded it from just a pure running blog to more and have incorporated working out, nutrition, cooking, baking, family, etc., and have more ideas about the future of this blog, things that might appeal to my readers and perhaps bring in more readers.

But 56 followers... I'm in awe.


Anonymous said...

That was so nice!!! Thanks so much for this award, it really means more than any other award I've gotten, honestly. Wow, I'm really so...honored! And I'm so glad that my blog influenced yours in any way. Also, I do enjoy seeing the recipes you post :)Now I need to think of who I'm going to give this to...

5thsister said...

Well deserved! Thank you for passing it on!